100% natural

Distillers Tonics have been crafted as carefully as any Gin – harmoniously balancing fresh, natural ingredients to deliver our unmistakably smooth, low carbonated Tonics.


Quinine is the defining ingredient for any Tonic, delivering that essential bitterness. We use only the best – extracted from the bark of the Cinchona tree, grown and harvested by hand in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Natural sugar tempers the bitterness, though we use less of it than most other Tonics.

Lemon and lime extract

Not a botanical, but a carefully added ingredient to bring a little zing to your G&T. It lifts the subtle flavour profile of the Tonic and freshens the palate.

Gentle carbonation

Tonic water has traditionally been very fizzy, but we believe that excessive carbonation disguises the botanicals of the Gin. Our Tonics are only gently carbonated, for a super-smooth drinking experience that delivers the authentic taste of the spirit. Try it and see the difference.

We do NOT use…

Fructose (fruit sugar), commercially-made corn syrup, nor any artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Distillers Tonics just add pure, natural refreshment!



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